DAWID Navy Slim Fit 2 Piece Boys Suit (6-14 years)


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Elegant, festive and cheerful at the same time, is our boys' two piece suit called DAWID, perfect for celebration of the First Holy Communion, Confirmation or wedding. It is made of smooth suit fabric in a classic navy blue colour. It consists of a jacket and trousers which are fitted and have a modern slim cut.

The jacket has two slits at the back, is fastened with two buttons, has two lower pockets with tabs and a chest pocket with a sewn-in white "hanky". Button holes are stitched with white thread, which contrasts nicely with the navy blue fabric.

The trousers have adjustable waist (elastic strap with buttons inside the waist). Trousers are not turned up and have a large length allowance which makes it easier to adjust their length immediately before the celebration, considering the pace with which the kids are growing taller. 

Fabric composition: 80% polyester, 20% viscose


Size Boy's Height Chest Waist (adjustable)
122M (7/8yrs) 122cm 64cm 58-62cm
128XS 128cm 64cm 56-60cm
128M (8/9yrs) 128cm 66cm 60-64cm
128XL 128cm 74cm 68-72cm
134XS 134cm 66cm 58-62cm
134M (9/10yrs) 134cm 68cm 62-66cm
134XL 134cm 78cm 70-74cm
140XS 140cm 68cm 60-64cm
140M (10/11yrs) 140cm 72cm 64-68cm
140XL 140cm 80cm 72-76cm
146XS 146cm 72cm 62-66cm
146M (11/12yrs) 146cm 76cm 68-72cm
146XL 146cm 84cm 78-82cm
152XS 152cm 76cm 66-70cm
152M (12/13yrs) 152cm 78cm 74-78cm
152XL 152cm 88cm  82-86cm