VIVAKI ELECTRIC BLUE 5 Piece Suit (0m-14yrs)


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Beautiful 5 piece bright blue suit that consists of:

  • Fully lined jacket with double pockets on front and single breast pocket, two centre buttons and buttons on cuffs
  • Fully lined blue waistcoat with double pockets, two centre buttons and adjustable strap in the back for a perfect fit
  • Pleated trousers with double pockets, belt loops and elasticated back waist
  • Long sleeve white shirt
  • Royal blue polka dot necktie


Size Inside Leg Waist Sleeve (outside) Chest (waistcoat) Chest (jacket)
0-3m 21cm 41-46cm 24cm 48cm 53.5cm
3-6m 23cm 43-49cm 25.5cm 51cm 56cm
6-9m 24cm 43-49cm 25.5cm 53.5cm 58.5cm
9-12m 25.5cm 46-51cm 25.5cm 53.5cm 61cm
12-18m 26.5cm 46-51cm 26.5cm 54.5cm 66cm
18-24m 31.5cm 47-54.5cm 28cm 56cm 71cm
2 years 35cm 51-56cm 32cm 57cm 71cm
3 years 38.5cm 51-56cm 34cm 58.5cm 71cm
4 years 43.5cm 52-57cm 35.5cm 63.5cm 76cm
5 years 45.5cm 53.5-58.5cm 39.5cm 66cm 78cm
6 years 47cm 53.5-58.5cm 43cm 68.5cm 81cm
7 years 51.5cm 56-61cm 47cm 68.5cm 84cm
8 years 56cm 56-61cm 48cm 72.5cm 86cm
9 years 60cm 58.5-63.5cm 49.5cm 76cm 89cm
10 years 66cm 61-66cm 53.5cm 76cm 91.5cm
11 years 70cm 66-76cm 54.5cm 79cm 91.5cm
12 years 72.5cm 66-76cm 56cm 81.5cm 91.5cm
13 years 76cm 68.5-78cm 58.5cm 86cm 94cm
14 years 80cm 73.5-86.5cm 62cm 86cm 71cm
* These are actual garment measurements so it is best to measure your child's current clothing and compare to the measurements in the size chart.